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How to Create a Playful Yet Practical Paradise for Your Little One

Do you want to bring your child’s bedroom to life? We’re sharing lots of ways to turn your little one’s room into a magical wonderland they will love.

The first step is to make a plan. What is the room missing now? Have they outgrown their current set-up? Do you need great storage options to conquer the clutter? Or are you simply looking to refresh the décor?

Your child will love being involved in planning their own space. Ask them their favourite colours, incorporate their favourite activities or animals into the bedroom theme, or have them help you pick out accessories and décor items.

Child thinking

Bold paint colours are a fantastic option to bring a sense of fun to a kid’s bedroom. If you don’t want to paint the whole room, there are lots of ways to bring the room to life with pops of colour. Using bright bed linen and quirky art will enable you to change up the look as your child grows. Even the dullest room can be transformed into a playful paradise with the right accessories.

Girl and Boy Bedroom comparison

If your goal is to create a restful haven for your little one, opt for soothing pastel hues and soft neutrals to lull them in to dreamland. Don’t forget a sweet nightlight to keep the boogie-monster at bay. Always use a warm white bulb to keep the feeling soft and cosy.

Kids Bedroom comparison

A cushy rug provides a soft landing spot for littlies that are still finding their feet. Especially worth considering if your home has hard flooring, such as wood or concrete. For older children, an indoor/outdoor rug can be a great option – any messes can simply be hosed off!

Good storage is key to keeping your kids’ rooms from becoming a disaster zone! Look for easily accessible drawers and baskets so they can help with clean up. We love the ‘Eden’ Single Bed Frame, which comes with built-in bookshelves and drawers. The added bonus of a desk with chair is perfect for your child to read, write and let their imagination run wild. And the desk tucks neatly away under the bed when it’s time for fun and games. How handy is that?

Children Bedroom furniture bed and desk

Sleep can also be fun! Why not let their dreams come to life with our range of novelty bed designs? Our ‘Dixon’ Single Car Bed Frame features a sporty paint job and zippy wheels to get them racing off to bed each night.

Child rocket car bed

Every little princess needs a carriage, and our ‘Princess’ Single Car Bed Frame does the job perfectly. Painted in dreamy blush pink, with golden wheels, this bed will bring your babe’s dreams to life – no frogs or glass slippers required!

Girl's bedroom racecar bed

To top it off, take a look at our quality bed linen. We always recommend using breathable 100% cotton sheet sets and duvet covers to regulate temperature and keep them snoozing comfortably. We have a wide range of whimsical designs, and soft textures to create a magical retreat. Busy patterns are ideal to help hide marks, and reversible designs allow your child to express their personality as it changes. Or opt for solid neutrals and mix them with fun accents that can be switched up as your child grows.

For the finishing touch, add in some arty accents. Showcase your child’s artwork in a gallery wall, using matching frames for a stylish look. Or why not try a large pin board, or row of clipboards hung on the wall, so your child can easily display their new creations. They’ll take great pride in showing off their masterpieces, and can easily switch them out when their taste changes. Layer in playful accessories like fairy lights and pennant flags to up the fun factor.

And don’t forget that a supportive and comfy mattress for your little ones growing body is important. Good sleep helps fuel a healthy mind! We have a vast array of options and sizes to get the perfect fit for your child now, and as they grow.

Find all you need to create a playful yet practical paradise for your little one at your local Harvey Norman store.

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