How to Style Your Master Bedroom with Shelley Ferguson

Shelley Ferguson, editorial director of Your Home and Garden Magazine recently hosted a master bedroom styling session at our Wairau Park Flagship Store. If you missed it, don’t worry we’ve rounded off all of Shelley’s key tips for styling a master bedroom below.

Make a plan for your space
It’s a good idea to design your room on a page, draw up a rough layout to work out the best placement for your bed and other large furniture pieces.

Choose a colour scheme
A colour scheme is essential, think about the mood in your bedroom – how do you want the room to make you feel, and who else uses the space?  Pick colours that are soft and calming if this is how you want to feel in your bedroom. If you are really starting from scratch also consider your flooring and wall colours, if these are wrong it can throw the whole room off.

Consider function and feels
Think about what you do in your bedroom. Are you readers? You’ll need task lights for reading.
Do you have different sleeping habits? You’ll need a mattress and pillows that support both of you. Do you want to be creative in your room? Consider an arty nook with a desk for a creative space.

Buy practical furniture
If you are buying new furniture for your bedroom, choose your large furniture items first. Refer to your plan, measure the room to identify how much space you have for furniture, take photos, and take these as a reference when you go shopping. Consider furniture that is both beautiful and practical, ensure there is enough storage. Underbed storage is a good option.

Hero the bed

  • Invest in quality bedding to create a luxurious space, beautiful linen can make a huge difference to your bedroom space. Feel your linen and choose the right fabrics.
  • Your bed linen can also be used to hero your bed, a duvet cover can reflect your personality, this is where you can add colour and make a statement. Or you may like to opt for a headboard to create a statement piece or focal point in your master bedroom.
  • Create layers on your bed. Add a valance to hide your bed base and accentuate the layered, flowing effect. Use a mattress protector to protect your bed, add luxurious sheets, a duvet inner suitable for the season, a duvet cover that ties in with your colour palette, and complete the look with pillows.
  • You can never have enough pillows! Dress your bed with euro pillows (large and luxurious, great for reading and relaxing), then sleeping pillows (soft, durable and supportive for sleeping), then accent pillows (contrasting colour and texture). Style your euro and sleeping pillows symmetrically, balanced by your accent pillows. Add a comforter or throw for additional comfort, texture or colour.

Layer trends on top
Lastly, layer décor to finish off your bedroom. Refer to your colour palette and use homewares to bring your bedroom to life. Add personal items to your bedside tables and drawers like photographs, and style your décor in groups with varying shapes and heights for interest. For those with wooden floors consider adding a rug to tie the room together for warmth and texture.

For more tips view Shelley’s styling session from our Wairau Park Flagship Store below:


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