iRobot ‘Roomba’ i7+

Get a robot vacuum and put your feet up

How do you like the idea of a vacuum that moves itself, responds to your voice commands, knows when to charge (and empty) itself and creates maps of your house?

If you do, its time to get a robotic vacuum. We have the iRobot ‘Roomba’ i7+, E5 and 670 as well as the LG R9 Master Robotic Vacuums.

The top of the range iRobot ‘Roomba’ i7+ has some seriously smart features including:

  • HEPA filter
  • Imprint Smart Mapping
  • Digital assistant integration
  • Automatically empties dust
  • Almost 100% automated

The Roomba i7+ is designed to respond to voice commands and will empty its rubbish collection into an easy to clear Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal Dock / rubbish bin automatically. It also recognises when it is low on battery and automatically docks itself to recharge.

Once the robot connects to the dock, it immediately pushes the dirt, dust and everything else into a disposable bag. According to the manufacturer, the bags will store around 30 days worth of carpet dirt.

The Roomba i7+ also has the ability to create smart maps of every room in your house – once it embarks on its first 2-3 journeys around your home, the Roomba i7+ records that progress and uploads them to the security of the iRobot cloud servers.

Robot + dock

Once you have access to these maps, you can use the companion app to direct the Roomba i7+ to clean specific rooms on specific days, or weeks. The Roomba i7+ is programmed to assume the most efficient cleaning pattern possible, minimising unnecessary movement and power usage.

If you connect Alexa and Google Assistant AI to the Roomba i7+’s app you can actually verbally tell it to “clean the lounge”, “clean the kid’s room” and your robot will take off on its mission. When it comes to maintenance, the Roomba i7+ is extremely low-maintenance. You just need to empty the bag in its base 1-2x per month and clean the rollers occasionally.

The Roomba i7+’s main competitor in our range is the LG R9 Master Robot. The LG R9 is powered by LG’s propriety tech: the powerful Smart Inverter Motor which uses aeroscience airflow technology.

It also features a 3D Dual Eye which not only functions as a video for recording data to generate house maps but also serves as a security camera in your home – you have the ability to view footage from the camera in your connected LG app on your phone. This is a feature unique to the LG R9. The camera allows you to check on your dog and/or cat and see how they’re looking after your place while you’re at work.

The LG R9 uses a HEPA filter, which meets a high efficiency particulate absorbing capability standard. HEPA filters prevent the spread of airborne bacterial and viral organisms which cause infections. The LG R9’s HEPA filter, metal filter, cloth filter and fine dust filter are all removable and cleanable. Combined with the Anti-Tangle Brush, these are extremely helpful features for those who have pets at home and the inevitable pet fur that needs to be removed from your carpet.

Both the ‘Roomba’ i7+ and LG R9 are excellent options for busy people who like the idea of a vacuum that largely self-manages itself. Who knows, in years to come, they might just be smart enough to make your family dinner, tidy up after the kids and fetch you drinks from the fridge as well.

Roomba - emptying rubbish



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