3 Ways to Improve Your WFH Set-up

Working from home has its perks but can be a struggle if you don’t already have a home office. If working from home is not the norm for you, we have put together three ways to enhance your experience.

Separate your work and rest space.

While working from your bed may be comfortable, it helps to have a specific space for work, whether at a desk, in a separate, specific work room or at the dining room table.

If you’re unable to find a comfortable surface to work at, a standing desk may be the solution for you. The Kensington Smartfit Sit-Stand Workstation gives you the ability to transform any surface into a standing desk, plus you’ll spend less time sitting and more time active.

Kensington Sit Stand Desk in Stand Mode

Invest in a mouse or keyboard

A good keyboard or mouse will significantly upgrade your working from home experience. Create a set-up that works for you and choose ergonomic, multi-device or silent options to increase comfort and productivity.

For an ergonomic keyboard and mouse set-up, we recommend the Logitech K860 Ergonomic Keyboard or the Logitech MX Vertical Advanced Ergo Mouse. After a multi-device keyboard? Then the Logitech MK850 Keyboard and Mouse or Logitech MX Keys Keyboard is perfect for you. And if you’re looking for a comfortable solution at a great price over the coming weeks, then a set-up like the Logitech MK545 Keyboard and Mouse is ideal. If you need absolute quiet to work, a whisper-quiet mouse like the Logitech MK470 Keyboard and Mouse will be perfect for you.

Get organised

Finding it hard to create order at home? While you’re away from the office, we’d recommend creating a system that works for you using a monitor riser, laptop stand or other accessories to keep things tidy and achieve an organised desk.

A monitor riser is a simple solution for creating free space, plus you also get to elevate your monitor. Options like the POUT EYES 8 3-in-1 Monitor Riser also come with a built-in wireless charger and dock so you can minimise the products and wires on your desk. Another option is a laptop stand – you can choose from a horizontal version that lets you use your laptop as an additional screen or a vertical option so you can safely store your laptop and keep your desk clear.

Pout Monitor Riser birds eye view

Want to improve your WFH office? Check out our previous blog for inspiration or if you know what you want, shop our WFH essentials online.

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