A.H. Beard base with King Koil mattress

It’s time to try an adjustable bed

The latest trend in bed technology is the rise in popularity of adjustable beds. This is signalling a move away from your traditional static bed, which keeps you flat at all times, to a mechanised adjustable bed that can lift parts of your body and adjust your sleeping posture.

An adjustable bed can be very helpful for anyone who has difficulty getting comfortable when lying flat, or for people who like to watch tv or read in bed. Adjustable beds may also offer some people useful therapeutic value with snoring and/or circulation problems.

The Tempur range for example, have a Zero G function that aims to put your body into the perfect position for zero pressure points by supporting the natural curvature of the spine. It can raise either your feet, or head area, up at a 45 degree angle from the flat position to provide even pressure across your entire body.

Being able to adjust your bed can help with health issues such as poor circulation, heart burn and breathing problems. If you and your partner prefer to sleep in different positions, you can choose a split model. With a split bed base, each side of the bed can be independently moved – one person can have the bed laid flat to sleep, while the other can lift the back up and read in bed at the same time.

A.H. Beard base with Energise Enrich mattress

By supporting the natural curvature of the spine, adjustable beds can reduce pressure throughout the body and alleviate muscle and joint pain.

Additional features

Our King Koil and Tempur ranges have multiple adjustable bed options as well. With entry level features to premium, ranging from the Zero-G feature to underbed lighting, Bluetooth connectivity, alarams, vibration functionality, USB ports and wireless remote.

The under-bed lighting feature is another highly popular selling point for adjustable bed lovers. Under-bed lighting allows for ‘soft lighting’ – meaning that you can exit the bed and bedroom without waking your partner and without walking blind. It’s definitely a handy feature for those who are prone to banging their toes on unseen objects as they tiptoe to the bedroom door.

Who doesn’t love a bed that massages you at the click of a button? The vibration function has varying intensities and can massage your head, back and/or feet. It’s a great way to relax your body before you switch off for the night.

Adjustable beds have tech features that may in years to come become standard across all beds. They represent a new frontier in bed design, a step onwards from static simplicity towards technological luxury.

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