How to ensure working from home, works for you

Whether you’ve been doing it for a while or you find yourself suddenly thrust into a position where you are working from home, it definitely makes a change from the usual nine to five office hours at your workplace. For most people, working from home means a huge adjustment in their day to day life. Here are some tips to help make that adjustment a little bit easier.

Choosing a spot

The first thing to consider when setting up your ‘working from home’ workspace is – location. If you’re lucky enough to have a home office – that would be the obvious choice but many of us don’t have this option. The next best choice is a separate room from the rest of the household – somewhere that you don’t have to pack away all of your work at meal times or at the end of the day. Alternatively, if you don’t have access to a separate room, the best place to set up shop is a corner in your living space – away from as many distractions as possible.

Another factor to consider is the quality of lighting in your workspace. Making sure the lighting isn’t too bright or dark will prevent strain on your eyes – natural lighting is best so a possie next to a window is perfect, plus it’s nice to be able to look outside.

 Making that spot work for you

Once you’ve decided where to set up, it’s important that you make your space both comfortable and creative – somewhere that you can draw inspiration from.

Your work space is somewhere personal to you so you should make it somewhere you will enjoy spending time. Put up art you like or photos of your friends and family, pop your favourite pot plant on your desk, get some colourful stationery. Anything that makes you happy when you see it is sure to encourage a productive mind set.

It’s also imperative that you feel comfortable in your workspace. Ensure your desk is at the right height, you’ve got a comfortable, height adjustable chair and your computer screen is positioned at eye level, if using a laptop use a separate, larger screen if possible.

 Make sure everyone has their own space

With schools closed, many parents will be dealing with the challenges of working from home while also having their children home all day. Although they might not be working on school work all day (depending on their age) take this as an opportunity for them to create a space of their own – somewhere they can personalise and make theirs. Encourage them to decorate their space (most likely their bedroom) in a way that makes them happy. They might not be in there doing computer work all the time but it’s beneficial to everyone in the household for them to have their own place to read, colour and create.

Younger children present a different challenge in that they won’t really benefit from their own space because they probably just want to be near you. Try tackling this by setting up activities or TV shows in a shared space – this will make them feel like they’re part of what you’re doing.

 Setting boundaries

Now that everyone is set up in their work spaces, it’s important to map out how your work days are going to look. Working from home can bring greater flexibility but this isn’t always a great thing. Because you are home all of the time, it can seem like you are always available even when that’s not the case. The people in your household need to know the times that you are available and the times when you shouldn’t be disturbed. It’s best to set up a schedule, discuss it with your family and maybe even make up a visual schedule that can be put on the wall or stuck to the fridge that makes it clear for everyone.


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