How to choose a pillow for better sleep

Waking up with neck or shoulder pain? It could be time for a new pillow.

If you‘ve spent even 10 minutes browsing online for a new pillow, you’ve probably noticed there are a lot to choose from. So how are you supposed to know which pillow is the right one for you?

A supportive pillow can be the difference between waking up refreshed or with neck and shoulder pain. So let us help you find the pillow that will keep your posture healthy, but also will satisfy your unique sleep needs for a restorative night’s sleep!

When on the hunt for that perfect pillow, the goal is to keep your head, neck and spine in a neutral alignment – meaning that your head placement should not be too far forward and not too far back.

Consider your sleeping position. Are you a back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper?

If you’re a back sleeper you’re best suited to a pillow with enough thickness and firmness to support your head, neck and shoulders. A pillow with medium-fill that is not too high is ideal so that your head is not pushed forward.
For our side sleepers – you require a firm ‘high-profile’ pillow that will keep your neck aligned with your spine. Keeping your spine in a neutral position will help prevent back pain.
For those of us that sleep on our front – although not recommended, you should use a relatively ‘low profile’ pillow. This will prevent your head from being pushed back, to avoid creating lower back pressure and neck strain.

Here are some extra tips for you to maintain a restorative sleep night after night:

  • Protect your pillow with a pillow protector. This can help extend the life of your pillow and protect it from any nasty stains and bacteria.
  • Keep track of how old your pillow is. Pillows should be replaced every 2-3 years to make sure you are getting the proper neck support.

If you need more help finding your perfect pillow, browse our wide selection of pillows online or visit one of our Bedding specialists in store for a complimentary personalised pillow fitting. No matter how you sleep or what body frame you have, at Harvey Norman, our team is here to help you find that perfect pillow!

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