Streaming setup with blue mic and stream cam

3 Things To Consider When Vlogging or Streaming

Vlogging, streaming, podcasting and any form of content creation is here to stay. For those looking to step up your content or just starting, here are three things to consider when vlogging or streaming.

Sort out your sound

Some mistakes are forgivable when it comes to video and audio mediums. Sound is not one of them. Essentially you want to minimise potential distractions for your audience, like rough sound, so the content is 100% the focus. For solid sound, we’d recommend an external microphone.

Blue has a great range of microphones for every occasion: streaming, YouTube, podcasting, music, and even working from home. The Yeti is Blue’s best seller and will work for most people. Why? The omnidirectional mode means it picks up sound equally from all directions, so you have four options to switch between.

Blue mic on desk

Get some clarity

When it comes to images, you have two potential distractions – stability and lighting.

If you want to minimise camera shake, a tripod is a must. There are a few different options to choose from, depending on your content. An aluminium, collapsible tripod like the Manfrotto Compact Action is lightweight and sturdy enough for travel. One of the advantages of flexible tripod is that you can use the legs to adjust the grip for security and unique shots. A mini tripod like the Manfrotto Pixi Evo 2-Section gives you the option of using the tripod as a grip.

mini tripod on table

Lighting is another important factor to consider. While natural lighting is always best, you’ll need a ring light for situations that call for artificial light. Cygnett has two top quality ring lights that are great for vlogging and streaming. Both feature three colour temperature modes that you can switch between, depending on your environment and a section to hold your phone. The Cygnett V -Glamour is the perfect height for your desk, while the Pro Travel features a collapsible design great for those constantly on the go.


vlogger with cygnett ringlight

If you’re Vlogging on your smartphone and not after a ring light, check out our range of tripods designed for smartphones and speaking of smartphones…

Camera, Phone or Webcam?

It’s getting harder to choose between smartphones and cameras as smartphones get more sophisticated, not to mention webcams. Our recommendation? While your smartphone may do a good job, generally speaking a DSLR or mirrorless can’t be topped – you get more control and flexibility over your shots without draining your phone battery. Unsure of the best option for you? Check out our blog on how to choose the perfect camera.

For streamers, another option to consider is a webcam. Sure, your device probably comes with a built-in camera, but webcams like the Logitech Stream Cam will put it to shame. Think 60fps, crisp 1080p, AI-enabled facial tracking for accurate focus and exposure. You can also film in portrait or landscape modes – so you can easily create videos for Instagram and TikTok as well as YouTube or twitch.

Streaming setup with streamcam and blue mic


Check out more vlogging and streaming equipment online or head in store for recommendations from our staff.

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